The Shop

Since we opened in January 2018, we have brought the joy of great coffee to the people of Upper Holloway and Archway, and the community has welcomed us with open arms. We want to continue doing our part for the community by pouring perfect coffee. 


To ensure high standards in all areas of the business, from our carefully selected coffee beans and our freshly-baked goods, to our healthy and hearty breakfasts and friendly customer service. 

Core Values





Our Produce

We do our best to ensure we use sustainably farmed and produced products, including The Estate Dairy’s milk for all our teas, coffees and hot chocolates, Oatly’s oat milk, Bonsoy soya milk, and Almond Breeze for our almond milk.

For our luxurious hot chocolate we use Mork, a Swedish 70% cocoa made using heavy blocks of pure, unsweetened chocolate — 100% cacao liquor — and unrefined coconut blossom sugar.

All our breakfast and lunch ingredients are fresh and wholesome, and celebrated in each dish we create.

Always conscious

All of our take-away cups are 100% compostable, but we know there are always more ways to reduce our carbon footprint, so join us on our mission to reduce plastic consumption and bring in your keep cup in for a 10% discount.

All out rubbish goes to First Mile, a company that is making recycling easier for businesses. With a high recycling rate, we ensure that we are responsible in the way we consume and dispose of our products. This includes using alternative materials where possible, such as our metal straws.